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ZnSe Lens
Product name : ZnSe Lens
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ZnSe lenses are made of laser grade zinc selenide with computer optimized anti-reflection coatings. There are two basic types: meniscus lens and plano-convex lens.

ZnSe lenses are used to focus CO2 laser beam. They are widely used in material processing and ideally suited for laser cutting, welding, cladding, quenching, etc.

Material  ZnSe Laser Grade C.V.D. type
Diameter Tolerances +.000", -.005"
Thickness Tolerances ±.010"
Surface Figure < λ/10 @.633µm
ETV < .0015"
Focal Length Tolerance ±1.0%
Clear Aperture >90%
Surface Quality < 20/10 scratch-dig Laser Finish
Coating AR/AR>99%@10.6um ;R<0.2% per surface @ 10.6um

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