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"Insanity" S500Z in Bangkok, Thailand's top bar, where to put hormones!
Application time:14th July,2017 Lighting Design: Lamps Model:S500Z Area: Photo credit:


Shangxi HUIHUAN Group’s grand wedding performance
Application time: Lighting Design: Lamps Model: Area: Photo credit:


Fire Bird Disco Club
Application time:November 12th 2014 Lighting Design: Lamps Model:F1000SPOT/E230Beam/F330GT/ECL54-415 LED Area: Photo credit:


LIGHTSKY in 2014 Leading Man of the Year in Wedding field Award Ceremony
Application time:August 5th 2014 Lighting Design: Lamps Model:F1000Spot-50R/F230Beam Area: Photo credit:


Jiangyin Hainan International Horse-Manship project
Application time:August 29th,2010 Lighting Design: Lamps Model:PL5403CT LED rain light Area: Photo credit:


S500Z,TX1810Z in Fuzhou College Music Hall
Application time:In2016 Lighting Design: Lamps Model:S500Z/TX1810Z/F230Beam Area:China in Fuzhou Photo credit:


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  • Total 1 Page 6 Records.